Operational Resilience


On Thursday 27 January 2022, we hosted a webinar looking at the Operational Resilience policy.

This was an opportunity to hear from us ahead of the first policy milestone at the end of March 2022. We discussed firms’ progress implementing the operational resilience policy and shared our observations

Representatives from the Financial Conduct Authority, Bank of England and the Prudential Regulation Authority took part in the panel discussion answering both pre-submitted and live questions.

You can read more about our operational resilience policy on our website

This webinar is suitable for:

SMF24, CIO, COO or other person(s) accountable for operational resilience. If your SMF24 is unable to attend, please register your most suitable representative.


Suman Ziaullah, Head of Technology, Resilience and Cyber Department, FCA

Brian Hyland, Manager, Technology, Resilience and Cyber Department, FCA

Ian Farrer, Technical Specialist, Technology, Resilience and Cyber Department, FCA

Ed Chou, Lead Associate, Technology, Resilience and Cyber Department FCA

Emily How, Senior Associate in Strategic & Cross Cutting Policy, FCA

Wai Keong Lock, Senior Risk Specialist, Financial Markets Infrastructure Directorate, Bank of England

Javier Martinez, Senior Manager, Operational Resilience Hub, UK Deposit Takers Supervision, PRA