Competition impacts of Big Tech in retail financial services


To support the launch of DP22/05: The potential competition impacts of Big Tech entry and expansion in retail financial markets, we hosted a webinar on 28 November, 2022, from 14.00 to 15.00 (GMT). 

Dr Liza Gormsen, FCA Senior Advisor, chaired an expert panel focusing on how we can work to harness the benefits of Big Tech entry and expansion while minimising the harms to consumers and competition. 

Dr Gormsen led the discussion on:

  • Views from industry, regulation and academia on recent innovations by Big Tech firms
  • Ways in which future entry and expansion may occur
  • How benefits and risks may evolve in the future 

Liza was joined by:

Professor Tommaso Valletti – Head of Department, Economics and Public Policy at Imperial College London; PSR Non-Executive Director

Daniel Schwarz – Legal Fellow at Cambridge University’s Centre for Finance, Technology & Regulation

Jana Mackintosh – Managing Director, Payments and Innovation, UK Finance